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“Lovely bedtime read”

Pictures were amazing and I had to read it twice with my little boy before he would let us put the book down!

Clare F

“We loved Charlottes adventures”

although the kids wanted to take our cat to sleep with them! We can't for the next book to come out, so pleased that there is more to come!

Carolyn M

“Huge congratulations on the book!”

As a children's literature enthusiast, I found your book very entertaining and heart-warming; I will definitely purchase a copy for my Daughter.

Carolyn M

“It's adorable”

Absolutely loved reading this to my 5 year old. He has come up with so many other things that might be making the noise.

Suzanne Beckford

“An absolute delight”

My daughter loves the dragon – she talks about him and makes up things he might be doing in the wardrobe

Joh bohringer

“Should be televised”

It reminded my 2 children and I  so much of  a Pixar movie.  Good story and beautifully illustrated. I really hope both Hugo and Tom do more in the series as they have promised.

Emily Regent

“Grabs the childrens attention”

I read this book every day to the children at my Day Nursery. It is the only book they ask for !! The children absolutely love it and know it word for word. Their little imaginations run wild with delight about all sorts of other things that could be in Charlotte's cupboard. The illustrations are bold, bright and beautiful to capture the children's attention. They love looking at the pictures discussing what the dragon would do if he came to nursery and who he would play with etc.
The book is about  affection , protection, adventure and trust . It emotionally encourages children to not be afraid of unfamiliar noises and gives them a sense of security. As a piece of work it is perfect and magical in the way it is presented to the reader.

 Amanda Partridge

“I hope it gets translated to other languages”

As a Dutchman I am pretty blunt but I was blown away by this book. My daughters loved it and I really hope it gets translated. It would do well in any language.

Rogier Bronsgeest

The Mysterious Noise

Hugo Eales

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A Mysterious Noise... Book by Hugo Eales and Tom Bonson